Technological capabilities

Our production complex is located on the territory of 4 hectares in the industrial zone of Fastiv, located 75 km from Kyiv.

The complex, with a total area of 19,000 m2, includes production halls, warehouses, and offices. The availability of backup equipment for each type of operation and the variety of manufacturing technologies guarantees the production of high-quality products in the shortest possible time. A wide range of machines used in the production process allows to have full production cycle in the factory. 

Due to this we have the possibility to exercise control at all stages of production and changes implementation if necessary.

In the manufacturing process, all currently known cardboard processing technologies are used: from printing and coating cardboard with polyethylene to molding finished products. The use of offset and flexographic printing technologies makes it possible to produce products with any level of image complexity.


The most unusual design solutions in paper utensils and packaging for the delivery of finished food are realized thanks to the fleet of die-cutting equipment and folding gluing lines.

Cups and container gluing machines with a multi-stage quality control system and speeds of up to 160 units per minute allow us to produce products quickly and with guaranteed results. Automatic packaging lines and gluing machines ensure the safety of the production process (hands-free).