Quality policy

  • We produce products that preserve and protect food.
  • We stand for the preservation of the environment, so we carefully choose the raw materials for our products.
  • We also strive for optimal use and recycling. The main suppliers of cardboard for our production are European and American manufacturers with an impeccable reputation and many years of experience.
  • We monitor the environmental performance of our activities, implement programs aimed at improving the environmental culture of employees and other people interested in the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection.
  • We are introducing the concept of lean manufacturing, striving to minimize losses and focus our activities on operations and processes that add value to our customers.
  • We create our packaging products following international quality standards at all stages of the production process. Machines equipped with infrared cameras provide multi-stage product control and automatically reject products of inappropriate quality.
  • We monitor cup leaks every half hour, in addition to that, the traceability system of the finished product rejects the entire batch in case of detection of inappropriate quality of at least one product.