The basic rules for the submission of materials for the production of polygraphic products: 

  1. Operating Systems: MacOS 8.6-9.2, MacOS X, Windows 2000, WinXP.
  2. Media:

2.1. CD-ROM and CD-RW, DVD ± R, DVD ± RW, DWD-RAM Discs;

2.2. External USB and FireWire devices.

  1. Submission forms:

3.1. Layout and Graphic Files;

3.2. PDF files.

  1. We accept layout / graphics that are created in following programs (Mac / PC):

4.1. QuarkXPress (v 4.хх, 5.хх, 7.хх)

4.2. AdobeInDesign (v 4.хх, 5.хх) and illustration files created in programs:

4.3. Adobe Illustrator — AI, EPS. (v 8.хх, 12.хх, 13.хх)

4.4. Adobe PhotoShop — TIF, EPS. (v 9.хх, 10.хх)

4.5. CorelDRAW! — CDR, EPS. (v 12.хх)