Customer Memo 

To conclude a standard supply contract, you must:

  1. Fill out the Contract and a duplicate. It is necessary to fill in all the fields in the Agreement highlighted with yellow colour, namely:
    • name (name) of the enterprise, institution, organization or individual – entrepreneur;
    • legal and actual address (if available);
    • EDRPOU code of a legal entity or identification code (for individuals – entrepreneurs);
    • individual tax number;
    • number of the certificate of registration of the VAT payer and / or date and number of extract from the register of VAT payers / single tax payers;
    • current bank account number;
    • MFI Bank in which the Client’s account is open;
    • bank in which the Client’s account is open;
    • contact phone number / fax;
    • FULL NAME. position of the person authorized to sign the contract on behalf of the Client;
    • email address (e-mail);
    • website or name of the online store;
    • prepare copies of constituent documents;
    • a copy of the extract (extract) from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs;
    • a copy of the tax status document (extract from the register of VAT payers and / or the register of single tax payers and the like. In the absence of such a document, a letter signed by an authorized person with an indication of the tax system is allowed);
    • a copy of the Charter or an extract from the Charter with a full list of powers of the person signing the contract;
    • copy of the Regulations on the branch – in case of signing the Agreement through the Client’s branch;
    • if the contract is signed by the person on behalf of the Client according to the order (power of attorney) – provide a copy of the power of attorney (power of attorney). 
  1. Submit Agreement and copies of constituent documents:
    • Recipient: Univest Marketing Company LLC
    • Description – delivery contract
    • Contract — …

Documents are considered within five working days from the date of transfer.

Concerning the conclusion of a supply contract, please call +380444940903, or write to

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