Ukraine has entered the way of peace.
The third country in the world in terms of nuclear potential, Ukraine decides to denuclearize.


Univest Marketing LLC is born.
We publish Propositsiya (The Proposal) – the first and largest Ukrainian agribusiness magazine for the following
20 years.

We conquer space!
The first Ukrainian satellite Sich-1 is launched.

We open Univest Creative design studio and Univest Prepress. We provide them with the most up-to-date equipment for film digitalization, film production and color proofing, occupying the leading positions in the market immediately.

The Constitution of Ukraine is adopted.

We launch our own print production in Fastiv and install the first sheet-fed printing press.
The first issue of Ogorodnik (The Gardener) is published. Even 20 years later, it is still publication #1 for gardeners.

Film distribution is revived, and Kіnopalats, the first 3D cinema in Ukraine, is opened.

We open an office of our own in the center of Kyiv.
A printing complex with an area of 4 hectares is erected in Fastiv (one of the few Ukrainian plants, based on modern industrial construction technologies).

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station is deactivated, its last block is closed.

The first stage of the printing house is commissioned. The first Heidelberg roll off-set machine is put into operation.

The highest monument of Ukraine, the Monument of Independence, is erected.

Univest Print is a partner of major international publishing houses.
Company takes the lead in the printing industry, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Univest Media launches a large-scale project for the production of packages for seeds. The project provides the services of its slide library for vegetables, flowers and spices, one of the largest in Europe.

EU takes the historic decision to expand to the East.

Univest Creative opens a professional photo production with a 300 m2 studio.

Ukraine wins the “Eurovision”. And even 2 years later, German TV acknowledges Wild Dances as the best Eurovision song of all times.

We open a representative office in Russia.
We publish Ovoshevodstvo (Vegetable Farming) monthly magazine.
A subdivision of Univest Digital is opened on the basis of a Xerox mini printing office.
Univest Print commissions Agfa CTP equipment for direct plate imaging, the production becoming even faster.

We are the strongest!
Ukrainian athlete Dmytro Khaladzhy sets a world record by lifting a 152 kg stone … with his pinky.

Univest Media and Univest PrePress become independent legal entities.
Krasivaya Usadba (Beautiful Farmstead) magazine is published.

The Ukrainian national team enters the 1/8 final of the World Football Cup for the first time.

We start doing large-format roll printing (the first 3 printers are installed).

Ukraine wins the right to host Euro-2012. Because we can!

Univest Digital installed the first HP Indigo 5500 digital off-set printing machine in Eastern Europe.
Large-scale production of digital printed photo books is launched for the first time in Ukraine. Today, it is represented by the very popular Albomchik and Fotome services.

Ukraine joins the WTO. Hryvnia is recognized as the world’s most beautiful currency.

Univest Print renews its fleet of printing and finishing equipment completely.
Univest Digital launches a flatbed UV printing department.
A new service, shopping mall decoration, appears.

A Ukrainian film (My Happiness by Serhiy Loznitsia) gets to Cannes Film Festival for the first time.

The color management system of Univest Prepress is certified by FOGRA Institute (Germany), which specializes in the development of European printing standards.
Univest Media is “Industry Leader-2010”.

A year later, Marina Vord’s The Cross receives the Palme d’Or as Best Short.

We open a representative office in the EU.
We create Univest Packaging subdivision for the production of European-quality cardboard, blister and plastic packaging.

We are the most hospitable!
Euro-2012 Euro football Cup beats all the records in number of tourists – twice as much as during Euro-2008.

We take part in the universal triumph and win the tender for the comprehensive decoration of 4 Ukrainian stadiums. Over 100 thousand m2 of advertising are printed and mounted.

16-year-old Ukrainian Andriy Kovalenko presents a process making any surface sensory and wins the Microsoft Imagine competition.

Univest Digital prints the largest welded firewall in Ukraine with an area of 1,800 sq. m.
We start the production of outdoor advertising elements and POS.
Univest Creative launches a corporate media production project.
Univest Media launches a new magazine, Tvarinnitstvo & Veterinariya (Animal Husbandry & Veterinary).

The inhabitants of Kyiv paint the largest flag of Ukraine – 1700 sq. m – on the waterfront.

Univest Digital prints the flag of Ukraine on the façade of TsUM in Kiyv. Its area is 3,300 sq. m. It is officially the largest flag of Ukraine in the world.
The enterprise quality management system of Univest Print is granted ISO-9001:2008 certification.
FLK-invest (warehouse complex, customs terminal and freight forwarding services) and FLK-Broker (customs clearance services for cargos) companies are included in the structure of Univest Group. An A-class logistics complex is erected in Fastiv.

The new police enter upon office.
27% of the national police in Kyiv are women. This is the highest figure in Europe.

The Food in Box project to produce fast food eco-packaging is launched.
We receive an FSSC 20000 Food Safety Certificate.

Ukraine is approaching the EU Association.

Univest Creative is repositioned as a creative agency.
The digital printing subdivision undergoes rebranding, concentrating all its services in Univest Advertising Production Company.

Visa-free regime with the EU and the Schengen area is implemented in Ukraine.

Univest Packaging became one of the top five national cardboard packaging manufacturers.

For the first time in the history of Ukraine, a Ukrainian athlete Oleksandr Abramenko won gold medal in freestyle category at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Tennis player Elina Svitolina won the WTA Championship, which is the fifth most prestigious championship after the Grand Slam Championships.

The DFS Ukraine customs unit is placed in the logistics terminal of the Avant Logistics. Its services are used by most clients of the company and businesses of Fastiv.
Univest Marketing successfully passes the certification and receives the FCS certificate. Univest PrePress serves the final match of the Champions League in Kyiv.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church receives Tomos of autocephaly.

Food in Box receives an award at the international competition The WorldStar Packaging Awards for the second time.